Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are your hours of operation?
A:  Our hours are based on demand.  We will operate daily, primarily during core demand hours such as lunch hours and evenings.  Every day may be different, but we will always operate during major events.  If there is a time you feel we should accommodate better, please contact us.

Q:  How much does it cost to ride Pedal Green Pedicabs?
A:  The industry practice for pedicab fares is to charge "tips for trips".  The passenger(s) decide how much the ride was worth based on convenience, distance, satisfaction, and other like factors.

Q: Do you operate in inclement weather?
A:  We have a fully enclosed weather canopy for our pedicabs to accommodate the passengers comfort during poor weather conditions.  However, driver and passenger safety is our ultimate priority.  We reserve the right to limit or halt our operations should weather conditions put anyone at risk.  We also abide by all advisories put in place by local authority during times of severe weather to ensure the safety of all.

Q:  How do I become a driver?
A:  In order to become a driver, you must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid drivers license, and pass a background check.  To start the process, visit our Join Our Team page.

Q: How do I get a ride?
A: Requesting a ride is as easy as calling or texting our dispatch number at 513-773-5641.  You can also bookmark our Request a Ride page, or visit the home page of our website to have quick access to our dispatch number.

Q: Where can the Pedicab take me?
A:  Our primary service areas are the Main and High Street business districts in Hamilton.  We can service the adjacent areas.  Please visit the Where To Find Us page for more information and our Primary Service Map.

Q: How can I become an advertising partner?
A: Please visit our Mobile Advertising page for more information.

Q: How can I request Pedal Green Pedicab for my special or private event?
A: Please visit the Contact Us page to inquire about having PGP available for your private events and special needs.

Q:  Who can ride your Pedicabs?
A:   We are a family ran business and welcome adults and children alike, but ask that children be accompanied by an adult.  We also are a pet friendly company and can accommodate the needs of many.  All pedicabs are equipped with seat belts for passengers to wear while the pedicabs are moving.